Autocars: Lexmaul Opel GT Stage 4: Porsche Boxster is Punshing Ball

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lexmaul Opel GT Stage 4: Porsche Boxster is Punshing Ball

Love Zuffenhausen give finely eight, the Sydney have spawned a competitor. This is the basis of the two-seater as the Opel GT is, but really only came into force Rödermark by tuner Lexmaul under the long hood. The horror of all the Porsche Boxster is now with the 4-Stage Lexmaul performance enhancers available.

The performance of the Lexmaul Opel GT Stage 4 after the procedure is superior. Under the hood lurks then attacked lustige 350 hp, with a wave of torque to 500 Nm in front hertreiben. Thus the Roadster sprints from Lexmaul in 5.4 seconds to 100 and reaches a top speed of over 253 km / h. Thus, the Boxster on the highway to Punshing-ball for the significantly lower elementary athletes.

Just for comparison: the new Porsche Boxster is required for the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h 5.9 seconds total. The classic sprint moves the Lexmaul Opel GT Stage 4 at the level of biting Boxster S, the pace of 100 to 5.3 seconds passed.

On the package of Lexmaul addition of software modification using PPC system to a new turbocharger, a larger intercooler, 3 inch Downpipe with large Sportkat and a MAP kit. Enhanced oil and water hoses complete the set. Using the PPC device can be operated with a push of a button on the diagnosis of a new software interface to the engine controller to play. The rear armor, or an update of the software works just as easy.

Customers who already have a 1-stage increase in performance from standard 264 hp to 312 hp on the PPC-system was performed, however, can be 650 euros on the Stage 4-the price of 3999 Euro sparen. Since these customers already in possession of the programming device, is there only a software update for the new engine peripherals needed.

In order for the newly configured engine's full performance potential, is a stainless steel sport exhaust system with two tailpipes at the price 599 euros required. The robust, not too intrusive sound of Lexmaul sport exhaust system knows to convince a sonorous sound in a stationary position, robust sound when accelerating and comfortable restraint of constant travel speed.

Without the everyday practicality to give Lexmaul takes 279 Euro for the Opel GT with lowering springs 25 millimeters closer to the asphalt, resulting in handling and optics makes a positive impact. The suspension characteristics ensures good traction and leads, combined with reduced curl and a high dynamic load capacity to a total well-balanced handling.

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