Autocars: Rolls-Royce RR4: Mini-Rolls gets the power of 500 hp

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rolls-Royce RR4: Mini-Rolls gets the power of 500 hp

In the year 2010, the new entry level model from Rolls-Royce come, the internal project name "RR4" to bear. The new Mini-Rolls, the current model range alongside the Phantom, and also expand in size in the luxury - but in a Rolls-Royce for more compact form. At the Geneva Motor Show 2009, the 200EX experimental car to clear out and the RR4, the new design direction, including the production model should reward.Now the British gave the first information about the drive out: A new 6.6 liter big-turbo V12 engine with an output of 507 hp - is significantly more power than the already strong, and even just half a meter long phantom. The transmission is a completely newly developed 8-speed automatic made by ZF, which is significant at a lower consumption and lower CO2 values unaffected.

With his dynamic leadership line shows the 5399-meter, 1948 meters wide and 1550 meters high 200EX less formal than previous models. Size, style and expression to speak on a wider basis and make it suitable for many occasions. Immediately as a real Rolls-Royce seen 200EX exudes the spirit as a younger man so far from a Rolls-Royce was accustomed.Design elements, such as the high front end, the long bonnet, short front overhang, the prominent sloping A-pillar and the elegant Heck, give the 200EX, an informal presence: powerful, but not intrusive. The body of the Rolls-Royce 200EX has large areas, while fine, horizontal lines that emphasize geometric precision. The sill line going upwards and the flat roof while care for a powerful profile.

The appearance to emphasize the front and rear ailing coach Doors. This Phantom back in 2003, introduced by former sports-inspired design feature offers an additional functionality: posted outside doors will open at an angle of up to 83 degrees, and to facilitate the entry and exit for backseat passengers considerably.At the front flank two LED headlights an evolutionary step in the famous grille: Rolls-Royce refused the style of barbecue in a less traditional pillars of the temple, but a little more air on an aircraft engine on. The entries describe an arc to the inside and the quest sit deep in the hole. Meanwhile, the exterior paint finish in "Darkest Tungsten" a contrast to the brushed silver satin bonnet and A-pillar.In the interior of the 200EX, the makers have created a contemporary atmosphere, the Rolls-Royce principles finest materials and unparalleled comfort follows. The interior is flooded with light. Still feel the passengers by the high waistline and the heavy doors, very good hands. Rear disseminate additional lounge seats intimacy and privacy. Nor are the chrome door handles and the traditional treble clef switch and the noble instrumentation with chrome accents on.

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