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Monday, March 30, 2009

Audi R8 V10 test - Bavarian bull cravings

Car presentations are usually more delicate events. However, if a car like the Audi R8 V10 at the private Ascari Race Resort can be tested, I would like to have the knee wundschrubben to be allowed to be. I had been to many race tracks, Ascari, for me, but still something special. The knee is still healing - and the ten-cylinder engine, I also had no long experience in Marbella begging.
Before we are ecstatic ears against the ten-cylinder stretch, but first we have his name opposite: Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro. Hey, there could be equal to the new Federal Minister of Economics purely set. Its name is similar to many knitted and without emotion. Incidentally, could Karl Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg with the purchase of the new company to boost the economy. Man wants to be modeled.

Heard the study nor the elegant name "Audi R8 LeMans", there is the pure street model of sobriety. His big brother can be heard saying during his race to: Lamborghini Gallardo. Rrrrrr - it has class. But in naming, the Germans were never particularly carmakers creative, but they shone with even more attention to detail.

A special needs detail view of the observer, the differences on his weaker brother V8 evident. Among others are the Sideblades for cooling the engine and the rear brakes to be issued and carry an extra edge. The skirts are also much wider formed the vent grille on the rear window in matt aluminum optic kept.

A feast for the eyes with a V10 FSI engine

Special feast for the eyes is known by a large rear window is V10 FSI engine. Like a painting, the R8 to the viewer's innermost price - in conjunction with the staging Coming-/Leaving-Home-Funktion six LED lights on its technical beauty.

The R8 V10 serially assembled LED headlights bring unexpected lightness to the streets. With a color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin rich, the headlights give an almost taghelles light. It protects the eyes and the wallet, the LEDs will be an almost unlimited lifetime record. However, this seemed to just light a few passers in Marbella properly blinded. The daytime running lights dynamically shaped bundles 24 LEDs in a continuous band.

At the rear of the R8 5.2 FSI quattro dominates high-gloss black. Also the housing of the tail are dark colored - LEDs in tubenförmigen bodies assembled here to create a three-dimensional photograph. The rear air vents also contribute only two Querstege and the exhaust system runs in two powerful, oval tailpipes made. The fully clad underbody flows into a wide-towed to the top diffuser, the rear spoiler runs at 100 km / h from itself. Its inner part is designed so that it is in idle state heat from the exhaust area is derived.

The interior - Audi typical demure, yet sporty

The spacious interior is typical Audi sober and tidy. He looks sporty and offers as an unobtrusive hint of luxury. One encouraging trend is the front of the circuit-mounted MMI operating system. This allows the system to act much more comfortable. Who the racy tone of the tail times entfliegen want is with the Bang & Olufsen sound system operated perfectly.

Pedals, shift paddles, footrests, and skirts are all in aluminum-held optics. The interior can be as individually, for example, with carbon-optics and Alcantara sport seats equipped. In addition, adjustable bucket seats available on the Audi exclusive. Dealing with baggage is similar to a Porsche. 100 liters fit under the bonnet, another 90 liters can easily behind the seats are stowed. Even two golf bags will fit in here.

The horizontal tear-proof cars as a

But enough of them. But we started trying the aggregate. Barely awake, make me the hair on the neck. The sound of a ten-cylinder, even if it by cutting a little subdued, therefore, is simply wonderful unmistakable. Even the leaves start to straighten the neck hairs. Whether the sound now is better than the V8, was open to question. The robust sound of a grumpy Eight cylinder just brings a smile to the lips of a man.

We press the accelerator but to where it feels most comfortable: directly into the floor panel. With full and loud yowl of the R8 is in motion. Just 3.9 seconds pass in the sprint from 0 to 100, another 8.1 seconds to pass before the 200 is cracked. Tears of joy to escape the eyes of angles. There will, of course, Arnie Gouvernator for child and whistles on Mattel Barbie Ken's blunt Cadillac. The tears do not linger long, because the R8 Ballermann moves so well that all the tears just before the ears are dried within seconds. A genuine racing car only allows a horizontal tear.

The values of a super athlete - 5.2 liters - 525 hp - 316 km / h

The powerful engine capacity of 5.2 liters 386kW/525 brings tremendous horsepower to the road. Per liter displacement means 100.9 horsepower. The FSI direct injection in 6500, there rpm satte 530 nm to the tires on. Only when the speed 316 km / h is the super athlete from the breath. Of course, the means of quattro all-wheel drive in the crushed asphalt. This is, however, stressed hecklastig designed. Nevertheless, this provides for optimal progress and also gives the less experienced enough fodder natures, without just around the next tree to wrap.

The V10 engine has a cylinder angle of 90 ° the lowest possible priority. The complete engine weighs only 258 kilograms, only 31 kilos more than the V8. The power to weight ratio of 1,620-kilogram high-performance sports car is 3.09 pounds per hp. The V8 drag compared 3.8 kg / hp with it. The axle load distribution is a mid-engine sports optimum axle load distribution of 44 to 56 percent.

The switching between the versions tastes. The R-Tronic switch in manual mode switching paddles extremely tough and gruff. The six-speed manual transmission is in my eyes the better choice, it gives the driver more feel in control. However annoying after some time - initially perceived as a particularly cool - metal Klacker insert the aisles. However, the Divine Zwischengassound the return of the R-Tronic. The "Launch Control", both in the switch as well as in the R-Tronic integrated, it catapults the R8 like lossprinten.

Again, totally come next is the automatic mode in everyday traffic. Much too slow to respond to the automatic unequivocal "I want to overtake, so now kindly scolded and put rubber down, you play" commands. In fact, here may be personal taste decide. Both variations have their charm.

Ascari Race Resort - Trip to the Racetrack

Unfortunately, it is believed the Spanish weather on this day not quite so well with us. A cat-and-mouse game between sunshine and rain clouds, spoils one's mood, the R8 really extended. Particularly galling is that, because the mountainous areas towards Rhonda fun bring. But even on wet roads capable of Audi, thanks to its quattro drive, with its excellent traction advantages, inspiring.

Finally arrived in consecrated Ascari Race Resort, which has been of two Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso as one of the most challenging routes in the world was knighted, the pulse rises. Only a few minutes. Helmet set. Electronics via a long press of a button disable. The man with the flag, he should finally give the go. And they're there. I give full throttle. The R8 briefly scrubbing with all four 19 Zöller on the damp asphalt. No sooner he gets Grip, obsessed as he pulls away.

I am leaving the switch, play the gear shift with the gas. The tunnels flood chen exactly pure. Harkt Nothing, nothing moves. This raises confidence and the more focused view of the racetrack. By pressing the "magnetic ride" button changes the gear in the tight sports mode. After the first round it is prudent now even faster. More and more I try to explore boundaries of R8. The optional ceramic brakes leave me every braking point inexorably feel so hard to pack them.

The Audi R8 V10 shows its good-natured side

At a starting tight curve it caught me almost. I Kuppler too late, the rear end threatens to wet the surface being. But hardly sits the corridor, already is in the gentle Powerslide around the curve. Herrlich, how easy the car around the curve drifts. No question, this would have me driving in a Porsche GT2 equally strong a friendly Dreher tasted the grass - and the applause of colleagues gloating about equal. The R8, but can be carefully re-capture, provided you keep the peace and respond quickly.

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