Autocars: Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG: the risks and effects of a V8

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG: the risks and effects of a V8

A sound, which becomes addicted: Before the drug SL 63 AMG protect - if ever - be price or small blemishes. It is available without prescription for 145,240 euros at the Mercedes dealer on risks and side effects read the following Fahrbericht.
At a time when we ask ourselves, what sound setting in most future electric motors and other alternative drives on our roads will ensure, with the picks Mercedes SL 63 AMG to the great shock in terms of engine noise from fossil fuels from the V8 in the 525 bhp Roadster grumbled, bubbles and roars so seductive that the Gasfuß completely independent and instinctively the exhaust concert highlights new conducts.

Sound with addictive potential

The Symphony in SL Minor, Opus 63 is addictive, and if you only have once accustomed, sounds nothing like before. The V8 roar of the mighty 6.3-liter AMG engine sounds when compared to other V8 engines such as would provide a first audiophile CD at an exclusive high-end Dolby surround system to hear (SL 63), and then in a portable CD player from the 80s with ausgeleierten loudspeaker membranes play (other V8).

Other risks and side effects of the drug SL 63 AMG: The price of 145,240 euro, which many people at risk before the drug SL 63 AMG retains. Who is susceptible to the drug, could be to protect against the addiction some flaws in mind. For example, plastic, aluminum where we expected and at first glance even suspected - for example on the flanks of the exclusive roadster. Here Zierblenden indicate with whom you are dealing with. "6.3 AMG" but to ordinary plastic. This also applies to the knob of the air conditioning inside the SL.

Passers: Surprised and excited

But that's also already broadly in line with dissuasive arguments. The maximum would be provided by a plastic bicycle helmet protected convince at the traffic light next to me in the pedals and when driving off-V8, the staccato of my nose rümpft. That is at any rate, what I think of him briefly in the interior mirror perceive, before he was strampelnder point disappears on the horizon.

Those who opposed pleasurably and without fear bicycle helmet mobile enjoys life as a pedestrian or the SL 63 AMG Sound meets, listens rather surprised to enthusiastic. That depends entirely on the previous experience: the most passersby are surprised that there is no such thing on public roads at all there. Few others are written on their faces that they are informed of the existence of such cars knew, but never with a direct encounter have expected.

But no matter: Who is the SL 63 gently away from the traffic lights anfährt, already attracts the attention. Who is also the volume control (or "accelerator" called) aufdreht (or "passage"), does this course even more.

From Airscarf wind up bulkhead

What is the drug SL 63 AMG still on? Exterior looks very sporty potent SL from. Formula 1 leaves greet the sight of the arrow-shaped front apron or the diffuser at the rear. Overall, a consistent mix with the wrinkled quoting the new design language of Mercedes. Inside enjoy the noble ambience driver (Example: leather and carbon), the highest level of comfort (eg Airscarf "called warm air from the head restraints) and sporty driving experience (Example: Exact adjustable seats with plenty of lateral support).

The exit and electrically retractable wind deflector ensures almost no wind at open driven 200 km / h and more. Only the right upper arm reported higher, but still tolerable breeze in the cockpit. Who still open to closed switch wants to do this by pressing a button in 16 seconds Lively.

New 7-speed automatic

Turn the pilot on the AMG paddle. But who for a while the automatic mode of the new 7-speed gearbox has enjoyed, can safely forgo the Paddelei. The automatic transmission, called "Speed Shift MCT" works thanks to multi-clutch technology, transducers, and thus freely without slippage or traction with minimal interruption and switching pauses. The Schaltmodi range from "comfort points" to "particularly sporty" and "manually". Depending on the automatic mode at certain speeds, the gear stage. And the more sporty the mode dial, the shorter the switching times down to 100 milliseconds. As I said: Of course, the course should select the SL 63 AMG is not truly his.

Also enjoyed the pilot of a three ESP, on the electronic damper system ABC (Active Body Control ") or the so-called steering parameters: the servo assistance depends on the speed driven. Motto: The faster, more streamlined. Furthermore, the SL 63 AMG for großgewachsene occupants and plenty of luggage or souvenirs from the tour Roadster: 339 liters summarizes the trunk when the roof was still open at 235 liters driving. And the trick: Even if the roof is stowed in the trunk, you have to be unchecked baggage - that is in such folding roof constructions a notable exception.

Addictive potential in the state

What is still on the drug SL 63 AMG has to say: A side effect is not as bad as feared. In the test with plenty of sound orgies from the two double tailpipes, alternating with a comfortable cruising the average consumption was just under 14 liters. For a car with this performance impressive: 525 hp (386 kW), a torque of 630 Nm at 5.200/min., 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 s - all this way, with a cylinder capacity not 6,3, but exactly 6208 liters.

At 250 km / h is an end to the tunneling. Power over nothing, because of the addictive powerful SL 63 AMG in the state shortly after the jump. The idle mumbling announced that it is equal to what your ears will give the following sound experiences have far more than the first noise already promised.

Risks and side effects

Conclusion: Most of the risks and side effects of the SL 63 AMG will be happy to purchase. Exceptional purchase price. The preserves most of us before this addiction. Happy Few, however, can the 145,240 euro is not deterred, and then they fail completely as antidotes.

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