Autocars: Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE: On absolute sportiness trimmed

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE: On absolute sportiness trimmed

The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano is equipped with the new package "Gran Turismo handling Evoluzione" (HGTE) on the road more sporty and dynamic. The indicator of the technical changes to the vote and the tires give the 611 bhp and over 330 km / h fast V12 sports car an even better handling with a faster cornering and a more immediate use of response to the operating commands. Moreover, the interior was also a dynamic value.

In his debut represented the 599 GTB Fiorano for the Italian sports car with forging the jumping horse to achieve a performance goal that is still today as a model for the development of sports serves. HGTE The package highlights the differences in absolute sportiness oriented mission over the other Ferrari-12-cylinder, the 612 Scaglietti, which together with the Ferrari California (V8 engine) the epitome of the Gran Turismo of the models of the brand with the Cavallino Rampant represents.

In detail, the package HGTE a revised chassis, which by a new suspension and a rear rod formstabilere marked. In addition, a new damper system with magnetorheological control (SCM) system in the positions of athletic Manettinos - a small switch on the steering wheel to the gear change of the settings used, which is divided into five levels from "normal" to the "Race" position changed. Attenuation, switching times, switching points and ESP are gradually sharper, at the fifth stage, even slight Slides drin.

Also the ground clearance reduced the maker, which is a lowering of the center of gravity allows. This trick helps - along with the new gear - help the body movements can be reduced. The tire is also specially optimized for this purpose with a mixture containing a more powerful grip leads.

Analogous to the changes to the mechanics, Ferrari also developed the electronic controls with the aim, the driver a faster response to user commands to offer. The F1 circuit is now - thanks to new engine management software - in the power range even faster, as well as the response of the accelerator. Amended was also of the exhaust so the sound when driving sporty yet clear sounds and yet at cruising speed on the right level.

Stylistically, the HGTE some essential equipment interventions in terms of sportiness and the exterior and interior design before. The interior is mainly on carbon elements set. The modular 20-inch wheels are a completely new design and are characterized by a diamond coating and a transparent matt lacquer marked. The new face of the rear diffuser, which is now matte black, does the new chassis and chrome exhaust tailpipes better coverage to come.

The interior Ferrari designed by a harmonious combination of vollnarbigem leather, with salary details of black Alcantara and carbon fiber finish sporty. The seat with a new sporty design is now a carbon-related back and a two-color processing, leather and black Alcantara on. At the head restraint is in a contrasting color embroidered "jumping horse" (Ferrari's trademark) and the words "Handling GTE" into the eye.

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