Autocars: Sportec SPR1 M: Brute 858 hp for the Porsche Turbo

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sportec SPR1 M: Brute 858 hp for the Porsche Turbo

Not to step back - and so it is with Sportec tradition, each seemingly more perfect model is still somewhat better. Thus, the new M SPR1 based on Porsche 911 Turbo now has an all-wheel drive traktionsfördernden and more Power. Each of the driven wheels has an output of 214.5 hp. This corresponds to a non-unsportsmanlike Golf GTI motorizing per tire, and a total output of 858 hp brute.The peak performance of the SP1 Sportec M from 858 hp is 8200/min. In addition, a gigantic torque of 880 Nm at 4,800 tours available. Third, the breathtaking power high speed by a fixed 3.6-liter boxer engine with supercharging, the power over a 6-speed manual gearbox transmits.

The modified engine will provide the Swiss with a so-called "Smooth Flow" Saugrohranlage with two injectors per combustion chamber, titanium connecting rods, a flap exhaust system, an infinitely variable camshaft adjustment, a "Carbon Ram Air" intake system, a high performance air cooler Slade and two Hybridturboladern from. Each engine is then applied to the individual all-wheel dynamometer to the new circumstances.
The on-vehicle performance, brings a high-performance clutch anfahrt optimized in combination with all-wheel drive and a differential lock on the asphalt. Thus equipped, does the M Sportec SPR1 the standard sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.0 seconds. The 200 km / h mark rushed understatement of the car in just 8.6 seconds and 300 km / h threshold is already history after 18.9 seconds.

Far beyond the initial 380 km / h to prepare the running noise of the acceleration Sportec SPR1 M to an end. Specially manufactured drive components and axles will ensure the existing character of the road. The active suspension keeps the SPR1 M meanwhile everybody attainable speed on course.

The function body trimmed with parts made of carbon / Kevlar composite materials and a new rear wing, there is a vehicle for this performance class discreetly. One sees the SPR1 Sportec M while his strength and athleticism, but still maintains the overall impression from the client statement of a desired Underworld Daily Drivers: Its More than sham!

To make contact with the asphalt Sportec SPR1 in the weight-optimized wrought alloy wheels in 7-spoke design "SPR1. Front come in 9x20 inch rims with 255/30 tires in the format used behind counterparts in 12.5 x 20 inches and tires of the dimension 345/25. The negative acceleration takes a high-performance braking system with 8-piston Aluminiumfestsätteln and 385 x 36 mm ceramic brake discs large on the front axle, rear are are 4 piston and 350 x 28 millimeter discs measured.

The interior sports car design in the clear and hold a lot of sport bucket seats offered through the highest manufacturing and material quality. The leather and Alcantara with impressive facilities will be according to the wishes of the buyer. Wood and Carbon applications are possible as well as Türeintrittsleisten in chrome steel with custom labeling.

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