Autocars: Ferrari 599XX: For the radical fun on the racetrack

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ferrari 599XX: For the radical fun on the racetrack

There is a real racer with the latest technologies from the GT and Formula-1-research, with many of the solutions ever introduced for the first time used and the private man in his own car can enjoy. The speech is from the new Ferrari 599XX, the extra for the private pleasure of radical right on the racetrack has been developed and a selected clientele reserved. To provide the correct jacking satte 700 bhp, with a weight reduction accompanied.

The Ferrari 599XX is designed as an extreme sports car, not allowed on the road and for the exclusive use on the racetrack determined. Not on the homologation of individual racing series considered, this athlete is free from all restrictions on the admission or Rennvorschriften to the pure driving pleasure with the best that Ferrari has to offer possible.

By concentrating innovation in aerodynamics, the electronic controls and dynamics, as well as content that is here for the first time in a single car bundled applications, this model becomes a real technological laboratory. Not without reason, the painting reminds us of the 599XX in the Formula-1-model F2008.

The solution, some of which are exclusively available at 599XX use, contribute to the harmonious performance of the new sports car at. The 599XX be preserved, although it is an extreme vehicle, the comfort properties for which the road model, the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, and served as a model for non-professional drivers are essential if the car on the racetrack intensively used

Based on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, whose traditional transaxle design with the spatial separation of the propulsion elements of the 599XX aufweist, was an extreme, for use on the track of certain sports cars. The 6.0-liter V12 engine experienced significant changes to the combustion chamber and the intake and exhaust system. The modifications resulted, together with the reduction of wear at the various mechanical parts and the increase of the maximum torque at 9,000 rpm, to an increase in overall performance to 700 hp.

Particular attention was paid to reducing the weight of the many components of the propulsion group. This was achieved by optimizing the shape, such as the new drive, as well as noble materials such as carbon, when Vortopf used. When gearbox is a new switch management, which is the total time course of change at 60 milliseconds reduced.

In general, to register with a noticeable increase in performance a more difficult management of the car, resulting in a poorer controllability expresses. The electronic controls of the 599XX, however, together with the mechanics and help to maximize the potential of the car both in terms of the benefits as well as the lasting viability of use in any potential situation. The sporty driving style also facilitate the presence of a "virtual lngenieurs" in real time the efficiency of the car shows.

The investigation of the aerodynamic vehicle body has been the subject of several test runs in the wind tunnel, resulting in a stability value for the vertical load of 280 kg at 200 km / h was (630 kg at 300 km / h). The bodywork on the front underbody clad completely and the filmmakers brought the air nozzles for cooling the fluids in the engine hood on.

For the first time comes when the 599XX Ferrari Actiflow system is used, which helps with the stability of vertical loads and to improve the resistance to different dynamic conditions on the track down. This solution consists in the introduction of two blowers in the trunk, thanks to the porous material in the air diffuser on the floor and suck it from the back by two grids, which are at the height of the rear lights are ejaculate.

The guide is a lateral wings and the addition of the Formula 1 derived "Blassystem" improves the stability of vertical loads, while the application of synthetic jets, the Ferrari at the rear of the vehicle attached to the formation of vortices trailing flow control and reduces the aerodynamic resistance. So-called "Wheel Donuts" on the model of Formula 1 - umbrellas, so to speak, the brake and the rim partially disguise - to improve the aerodynamics and cooling.

The body interprets Ferrari also with regard to the use of new materials. So come on comprehensive manner and carbon composites are used. During the technical design of the filmmakers took advantage of the experience gained in the use of aluminum.

From the development of powerful materials also benefits the brakes so that the brake lining as carbon is used, resulting in a reduction of the caliper, in order not to affect the performance. The new carbon-ceramic braking system from Racing-Type allows even shorter braking distances thanks to weight saving and improved efficiency.

The contact to the asphalt racing slick tires are in the format 29/67 R19 front and rear 31/71 R19 ago. The extra for the Ferrari 599XX developed Rennslicks the Italians moved on rims of the dimension 19 x 11j (front) and 19 x 12J (back) on. The tires will be a very good cornering stability, and optimize the speed side.

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