Autocars: Kia No. 3: Urban Mobility with sporty touch

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kia No. 3: Urban Mobility with sporty touch

With a new vehicle concept for the lower segment of the compact class is Kia's design offensive. The Kia No. 3 presented with powerful proportions, dynamic subscribed lines, a modern, high-quality interior and a spacious, flexible, usable space. The study as a harbinger of coming from 2010, mini-vans over the characteristics of a versatile MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) in the compact class of urban models and combines contemporary style with individual mobility.

The self-conscious presentation of the concept cars is marked by a refreshing clarity and modern youthful sportiness. Underscores the vital nature through a variety of design elements with those of the Kia No. 3 inspiration and trends from various areas of recording and re-interpreted - from Ladekonzept on flexible non-slip flooring to upholstery water from high-tech textiles.

New form of language justifies facial characteristic mark

Youthfully fresh and presented with a consistent clarity of the design: Powerful proportions and dynamic lines secure the Kia No. 3, a striking appearance in the sports car class of the compact Fronttriebler. Due to the long wheelbase and tight overhangs front and rear as well as through the generous interior height are typical characteristics MPV realized.

The new brand face is characterized by the relative size and arrangement of the three elements of the grille, headlights and brand logo. The horizontally aligned radiator grille has a for all Kia models, and thus binding unmistakable twin trapezoidal contour, located in the center and tapers to the sides schmal expires. The grille is a flat black painted surface executed. Emphasis is in the form of a white contour line, the turning on the ignition light.

A white-painted outline emphasizes the distinctive form and provides an even stronger accent. The headlamp units have a semi coverslip provide the rounded contours of the light sources is anticipated. A large, across the entire front left of inlet marks the completion of the lower body. The brand logo is centered above the grille is placed, while the short overhangs, the ultra compact exterior dimensions stress. Powerfully shaped bumper and wheel arches and large wheels highlight the sporty appearance indicates.

Wedge with contrasting colors

In side view, the dynamic wedge, in particular by the graphics window and the rear lines to rising marked clearly on the application. The dynamic contour of the window graphic is by the white paintwork held under particularly intense stresses. The contrast of the colors will be used in exterior mirrors continued. While the casing is held in piano, is a white illuminated area on the innovative way in the mirror integrated side blinkers. When you turn on your blinker, this area is fully illuminated.
Significant signals for sportiness also put the 19-inch alloy wheels. The wheel design with the outer sides and polished inside black painted Y-spokes gives strength and agility.

The shoulder is the stern out particularly pronounced. The large panoramic glass roof is ansatzlos from the windshield clear, extends to the rear spoiler and provides an excellent all round visibility. A Dachverstrebung arranged diagonally cut the elegant, seemingly loose halter course of tinted glass surface.

The rear contour itself is represented by a large bumper, a smooth transition to the powerful wheel of the rear wheel connects to gently absorbed. Meanwhile, the lighting units on a wedge-shaped contour, by a conspicuous red fluorescent tape is inserted. Under a semi-procumbent coverslip, the lights of the flasher, brake lights, fog lights and reversing only visible when activated.

Interior: Modern, high quality, individually

With a length of 4045 meters, the Kia No. 3 is a self-confident role in the compact car segment. His generous space is confirmed by the long wheelbase of 2615 meters, the width of the vehicle from 1760 meters and a height of 1600 meters determined. The pleasant feeling of space created by the less the amount, but rather by the long wheelbase, the seating and riding comfort of the occupants benefit from it, and the unusual width of the vehicle. The glass roof provides an additional contribution to the bright, friendly atmosphere in the interior and generous space for all seats.

Precise set in high gloss accents and Wei├člack contrast to her black lacquered surfaces play an important role. Specific signal effect functional elements in the typical red-Kia are required. This applies equally to the cockpit displays such as for the open frame to the front of the center console in the field of automatic selector. How much the design functionality, the example shows the electromechanical parking brake. Once this is enabled, this is a shining red contour band clearly visible at.

The central console is by their distinctive shape and shading as well as set the vertical alignment clearly shows the dashboard. The matte from a polished aluminum framed panel bears at the top of a 9-inch wide multi-function display and a simple layout emphasizes knob. About the central control element, the navigation, audio system, air conditioning and the Internet easily and precisely controlled.

The sporty compact is designed cockpit with his instrument unit for Kia new design details. The three round instruments for the tachometer, the speed and the fuel supply tube display in the form of built and created in perspective. Because of the marked with white scales and inner surfaces, to increase this optical effect. The white, accurate reading of the cockpit instruments emphasize the quality feel of the instruments.

Simple elegance with a high comfort

The MPV for a typical model, slightly elevated seating position gives the driver in the Kia No. 3 an excellent overview and allows easy entry and exit. The black leather steering wheel is replaced by a white, open top inlaid wreath on his special accent.

Convey simple elegance while the seemingly free-floating front seats, whose design trends from the furniture design and architecture of the newly interpreted. While the high-gloss white seat shells and the same material from the existing framework of the Fondsitzbank a striking contrast to the dark footwell generate sets the padding a further visual highlight.

The water from a high-tech textile materials manufactured, processed carefully seat covers in a discreet matte gold attack the exclusive style of sportswear on high. Especially striking is the rather unusual horizontal question, partly based asymmetric folds of seat covers.

The high seating comfort on all five seats offers ideal conditions for the urban environment more extensive use. Large cutouts at the back of the front seats to create extra legroom in the rear. The vehicle for this segment usual high flexibility of the interior is reflected in the variable-folding rear seats and backrests resist.

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