Autocars: Hyundai ix-onic: The first view of the new compact SUV

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hyundai ix-onic: The first view of the new compact SUV

With the compact SUV study "ix-onic" Hyundai is a first look at the successor of the Tucson in the spring of 2010 will appear. Concave and convex lines give the body of the ix-onic a dynamic tension created by the ice-blue pigmented coating is specially emphasized. The concept car allows, thanks to its compact dimensions (length 4.40 m, width 1.85 meters, 1.65 meters height) is also in the city traffic is a good overview and easy handling.
Under the hood sits a 1.6 liter petrol engine with large direct injection and turbocharging, with 175 horsepower makes for dynamic tunneling. Thanks to 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox and Hyundai's start-stop system (ISG = Idle, Stop & Go)) shines the study with low consumption and a CO2 value of only 149 g / km. Automatically turns the intelligent all-wheel drive, on the road and enables agile driving on unpaved terrain with plenty of traction up all time.

The ix-onic Hyundai is also the wishes of an adolescent audience fulfill equivalent design, combined with dazzling details such as the LED Daytime running lamps, which are also in the exterior mirror housings are taken on a more environmentally-friendly drive. The study for the leading European design team at Hyundai, established in the German Ruesselsheim looks ix-onic "a car of contrasts for a world that is characterized by differences."The makers were in the automotive Stadtnomadenvon multi-cultural currents inspired, as reflected in the European cities of Berlin, Paris and London are found. The Hyundai-ix onic is robust and compact design for life in the city and at the same time sleek and agile outside the city limits on the road.

Looking at the ix-onic falls athletic design language. The hexagonally-grille is in tradition of European Studies Hyundai Genus (2006) and i-mode (2008). Sharp cut headlamps are reminiscent of the eyes of a cat and shape with LED daytime running lights front view of the study. The graph shows the LEDs while concrete view of the Hyundai-face of the future.

In the side bite the coupé-like silhouette and windows divided waistline, whose upper Auswölbung at the height of the droplet tail lamps expire. Sportlich issued wheel housings accommodate 21-inch polished aluminum wheels in turbine design. Door sill and bumper essay are colored differently, and with aluminum beplankt that even with the Türinnengriffen used and the quality of the premium compact SUVs underscores.
Accents will also be the rear of the Hyundai-onic ix. In the attached high, slender tail lights were the makers of the structure of nature inspired. The grand finale is the aluminiumpolierte dual exhaust system in diffuser optics. New Hyundai proposes ways in material selection. Thus the three-dimensional from Lexan rear window. This high quality plastic material replaces the glass and is very lightweight and easy to shape.

Two vertically-mounted spoiler lips hold the rear window and improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Elegant integrate while the roof edge spoiler and third brake light thanks to the Auswölbung the concave rear window.The interior of the five-seater characterize sophisticated technology and exclusive materials. In the airy interior is immediately crémefarbene the leather of the seats in the eye. Surfaces in magnesium and in car color painted and the flooring in ribbed cashmere Ice exude a touch of haute couture for the road. The rearview mirror also has a "dead-spot detection," the driver of the other non-visible road users warns.

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