Autocars: Dacia Duster Concept: The flexible sporty crossover

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dacia Duster Concept: The flexible sporty crossover

By Dacia Duster presents his first crossover concept at the Geneva Motor Show (05.03.2009 - 15.03.2009). The independent study combines the advantages of a sporty coupe with a spacious MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle). Mark Antes characteristic are posted opposite the doors, the entry into the model is especially convenient shape.

Mark Antes, rugged appearance

The compact length of 4250 meters, the Duster is ideal for use in city traffic. The height of 1495 meters and the width from 1640 meters and the short overhangs (65 inches front, 80 inches rear) give the crossover also a powerful profile. The 2804 meter long wheelbase already signaled from outside, that the passengers generous interior dimensions are available.

The robust character of the Dacia Duster emphasize a broad front apron with two narrow horizontal air intake openings and the mark for the typical radiator grille. Large headlights pull in a tapered angle up almost to the doors up, while striking wheel housings and 21-inch wheels in a 5-spoke design with size 245/35 tires in the robust performance in addition to stress.
Other features are the exclusive color in anthracite gray and the large continuous areas dar. The window on the front doors and the mirrors placed trapezoidal exhaust tailpipes put more aluminum accents.

The body design of the Dacia Duster appealed particularly on the aerodynamic fine-tuning so that the crossover an aerodynamic Cd of 0.30 obtained. Thus, for example, the flowing lines for a minimal air resistance. Similarly, optimizing the fixed roof at the blinker in the form of the fins of air, resulting in the total package in a low fuel consumption rates.

Drive: Economical Diesel Power

As motorization, the Dacia Duster on the 1.5 dCi common rail diesel with particulate filter from the parent company Renault, the 105 hp and a maximum torque of 240 Nm at 2,000 rpm mobilized. Thus equipped, masters of the 1300 kg heavy crossover classic sprint from 0 to 100 in 9.6 seconds.

The economical four-cylinder, whose power in Dacia Duster on a manual 6-speed transmission takes place, requires 5.3 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers, which corresponds to an output of 139 grams of CO2 per kilometer is.

Flexible and light interior

The interior of the Duster characterize the concerted colors "chocolate brown" and "blue". The fully glazed roof also provides a bright and friendly atmosphere, while the seats placed offset to the driver and front passenger from a very thin material, the high level of comfort with good lateral support united. The driver's seat also uses its curved shape with the dynamic styling of the bodywork on.

It also allows the interior to the individual needs of the occupants needs. It is possible, in a few seconds, the four-configuration in a custom setting for sports and leisure ones. By pressing the button on the rear opening of the passenger seat glides on invisible rails fit under the seat. This results in a capacity of 2.0 cubic meters, without being at a high level of comfort waiver is required. The freed-up space, acting upon the request on a mountain bike, which is through a deeper under the rear bench seat and a pivoting Haltearms, in the instrument panel is stowed, can fix.

Functional dashboard and plenty of storage space

In Duster determine flowing, expressive lines of the dashboard. The steering wheel is in its lower part on the driver side airbag, so that in the middle part of the flounces space for the central screen, with the instrument display will remain. Before the wheel is the driver and passengers a spacious storage compartment is available. On the passenger side rejuvenated the dashboard, resulting in an unusually generous legroom of 280 millimeters results.

A 20-liter glove box making, and two storage compartments in the doors with 8 liters offer plenty of storage space. In addition, a further Dacia Drop in the back of the right rear seat with the touch of a button herausgleitet. With 470 liters of storage space, the trunk is well equipped.

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