Autocars: Gumpert Apollo Speed: brachial geared to high speed

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gumpert Apollo Speed: brachial geared to high speed

The pure high-speed customers, the German super sports car manufacturer Gumpert Apollo with the new speed in the eye. In the traditional Apollo, the Apollo and the Apollo Sport Race is so against the optimal performance for racing, and lateral grip in all situations in the center. The maximum safe speed should be mastering the domain of the 700 HP strong Apollo speed with the standard coating Bicolour be.
The challenge was to develop a design, the extreme demands of aerodynamics to a performance-oriented, purist super sports car with the aesthetic language of form combines an exclusive vehicle - a synthesis of form and function without compromise. The numerous wind tunnel tests optimized silhouette reflects the superior performance of resist. Thanks Carbon body weighs only Apollo Speed 1,200 kilograms.

Already a deeper view of the front shows the changed lines around the wheel arches. A so-called low-Restrict intake completes the vicious optics and provides fresh air in the engine. Other modifications are available at the rear of the super-athlete: The redesigned rear lights show concise, while the Apollo Speed controls, before he made the field of vision of the pursuers disappears. In addition, the two-seater has a small adjustable wing, which required him to drive for his speed rush awards.
In side view, wins the 4460 meter and 1998 meter wide Apollo speed through a tight, long and wide shoulder line further momentum. With 1105 meters, is the Apollo Speed still flatter than his brothers. The mid-engine concept, while the clearly oriented towards the front cockpit and the long wheelbase of 2700 meters stresses and ensures optimum handling.

The dominant view is the rear end to a free zweiflutige exhaust system and a powerful diffuser to optimize handling at high speeds. With a completely closed-KAS subsoil (carbon-aluminum sandwich) and tire covers (front and rear fixed mitdrehend), brings the Apollo Speed Formula-1-technology on the road and screams so only after a challenge for a sprint. The result: a road particularly high output value.

The mighty V8 Biturbo with a cubic capacity of 4.2 liter capacity provides the Gumpert Apollo Speed satte 700 bhp at 6500 rpm and a torque of 875 Nm at 4000 rpm available. Its like driving include catapults to the top class: from 0 to 100 pass just 3.0 seconds and speed is already 200 according to 8.9 seconds. His finished jacking the Apollo Speed only when more than 360 km / h.
The power to the rear wheels via a fully-sequential 6-speed gearbox with a manually operated 2-disc clutch. A self-locking by Torsendifferential is of course also on board. Contact with the asphalt hold 19-inch with a central lock and tires in size 255/35 front and 345/35 rear. It also equips the Gumpert Apollo in speed with the train, and pressure fully adjustable spring / damper units and a front anti-roll bars from.

In the wheels there is a high-performance brakes all round with 6-piston Fests├Ątteln and a disc diameter of 378 millimeters. In addition, an ABS and a hydraulic brake booster.
Inside the two-seater with its sporting facilities convince it either with leather or alcantara there. A whole range of features, such as air conditioning and a DVD navigation system with Moniceiver with-out screen, reversing camera, rearview mirror function while driving, Bluetooth handsfree and iPod controls round out the measures. Facilitates the entry detachable steering wheel.

Nestled in the monocoque and lashed by 4-point belts, the driver is one with the Apollo Speed.
And what is the cost of this enormous fun from Germany? The basic Apollo is 358,904 euros. In addition to the surcharge for the speed package that the account makes it easier to 119,606.90 euros. So much is the Gumpert Apollo Speed from 478,510.90 euros.

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