Autocars: Dodge Challenger SE rally: Earned strips for the Muscle Car

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dodge Challenger SE rally: Earned strips for the Muscle Car

The current Dodge Challenger continue conquering the hearts of Americans with his unequivocal Muscle Car design and powerful engines to be relatively low price. New on the market, the Challenger SE rally, the character of the Pony Cars with special emphasis on the exterior and a new, more aggressive 5-speed automatic transmission further underscores. The price in the U.S.: 26,490 U.S. Dollar, currently around 19,650 euro.
Optical is the Dodge Challenger SE rally from the standard model by the front to pull back rally stripes, the 18-inch wheels with black painted accents in the star wheels, the rear spoiler in car color and the classic chrome tank cap with a "Fuel" -- lettering.
His rally stripes deserves the SE as an entry model with a powerful V6 engine, its power of 253 hp or 3.5 liters engine capacity draws. With a maximum torque of 339 Nm at 3,800 rpm is also the "small" Challenger SE sprint rally as strong. In contrast, so-Dodge, a consumption of 17 mpg in the city (around 13.8 l/100 km) and 25 mpg on the highway (ca. 8,7 l/100 km)
The Dodge Challenger SE rally also marked the introduction of the 5-speed automatic transmission with Auto Stick (manual mode when automatic transmission), which will receive all the Challenger SE. The gearbox is characterized, in comparison to the hitherto conventional 4-speed automatic, with a stronger response, an aggressively designed 1st Speed and increased torque in all gears from.

The interior of the Dodge Challenger SE rally could be the makers of the original Challenger inspire, such as the dark instrument makers of the four deeply recessed round instruments and the pistol grip-type shifter. Modern accents while carbon accents. Well-padded sport seats with fabric cover is standard, heated sport seats with leather are optional. Available is also in the Challenger SE rally the Advanced Uconnect GPS with voice recognition, navigation, etc.

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