Autocars: Mansory Chopster: The brachial circumcised Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mansory Chopster: The brachial circumcised Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

By Mansory Chopster the renowned tuner presents a less conventional interpretation of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. This includes not only the new brawny, muscular body styling with a lowered roof line, but in spite of a powerful turbo engine with a breathtaking 710 horsepower and a plethora of interior finishes . Chopster incidentally, comes from the Americas: to = chop off.

Carbon, as far as the eye can see

For the extensive body modifications of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Mansory used exclusively for the ultra-light and high-strength carbon material. Whether front or rear bumper, doors, hood or the car by 80 millimeters widening fenders - all components are made of carbon. To improve through the reduction of vehicle weight and acceleration values as well as the stopping distance.
Similarly, around 60 millimeters lowered roof line due to the smaller frontal area to the sporty appearance and provide the total package for a sophisticated aerodynamics and exhilarating appearance. Large, almost aggressive air intakes at the front striking also provide for an optimal inflow of the drive unit with fresh air. Four additional headlights to increase the passive safety and underline the sporty, dynamic look.

Powerful performance improvement for more driving pleasure

Besides the body gets the supercharged series aggregate of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S a significant revision: Mansory replaces the factory-assembled turbochargers by more copies. A custom engine management and an improved supply of cooling air will lead to more remarkable performance. The modified V8 engine now offers a full 710 hp and a maximum torque of 900 Nm. To reach the brawny SUV a maximum speed of 302 km / h.
A sport exhaust system with optimized exhaust flow completes the engine upgrade. The self-developed exhaust system consists of a F├Ącherkr├╝mmer as well as a four-pipe Endtopf and regulated by the built-in damper control the sound. Alternatively, there is a subtle sound, or strong and voluminous sound to a real shiver feeling to others.

Components for the best road
For the excellent values of the delay, an abundant Chopsters dimensioned sport brake system. Brake disks with the dimensions 420 x 40 mm front and 375 x 30 millimeters back from the front and rear eight-four-piston caliper in the equipment used. To match, there is a special Tire / wheel combination, the greater the braking problem space.
The vollgeschmiedeten 11x23 inch Monoblock rims in turbine design and size 315/25 tires fit perfectly under the widened fenders of the Mansory Chopsters. A new sports module to control the air suspension, the wheels also XXL in Szene gesetzt. Upon request, the module lowers the vehicle center of gravity of the SUV also increased by 45 millimeters from.

Interior design without limits
The finest materials used in the interior and provide comfort. Durable, yet soft, the leather interiors of Chopster. Only unblemished skins natural product of the Mansory-Sattler in the interior and integrated with subtle decorative seams provide. Individual seats in the rear while convey an extravagant flair and offer passengers the best fit.
Equipped with refrigerator, monitors in the front headrests, DVD player and laptop with internet leaves no wish unfulfilled customers. The redesigned airbag sports steering wheel, aluminum pedals and made the Echtkarbon applications complete the exquisite overall impression.

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