Autocars: Infiniti Essence: A powerful 600 hp luxury coupe to the point

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Infiniti Essence: A powerful 600 hp luxury coupe to the point

The Essence celebrates the Infiniti luxury brand of Nissan already their 20th anniversary and with the 600 bhp coupe study an exciting outlook on what we do in the future of the luxury brand can expect. The Japanese poured the essence of the Infiniti brand in the form of a visionary design study, which is a fusion of design, technology and service. Almost goes without saying that the tunneling of an ultra-modern Japanese hybrid drive provides.Design: Dynamic Adeyaka - A symbiosis of tradition and dynamism

With its aesthetic draws Infinitit Essence of a car-lovers in its magical spell. This is the Essence anything but an aggressive-looking sports car. True to the "Dynamic Adeyaka" design philosophy of Infiniti, owns all of the Essence in a straightforward man and nature-inspired warmth and sophistication. The emotional stimulus is still increased by the fact that some of the Essence venerable Japanese traditions in a very modern manner.

As expected with an Infiniti, the Essence of the long hood pulled back and the short game. This and the flowing profile between the striking front and rear wheel houses lend the luxury coupé at first glance the appearance of a classic sports car. On closer inspection, there is, however, that the Essence of any retro association is missing.
The drawing of the side windows adds to the styling of an innovative and distinctive touch. The seemingly resting on a window ledge is consistent with its line in sharp contrast to the concave curve of the body underneath. The image of flowing water in front of the sharp contours of a gorge begs the observer here is virtually inevitable.

Equally complex is the rear design, where the rear pillars to the bottom end concave "scoops" the view of one of the most striking design details steer: a C-shaped bend at the rear edge of the side windows. With its wide stainless steel frame gives this detail the Essence itself in a highly dynamic state appearance.

As one of the most striking detail is the decor of the lateral air slots. The simple form of these intricately crafted in aluminum trims is inspired by "Kanzashi", one of Japanese women in kimono worn braces. Other lines and details turn out to the broad brush strokes of Japanese calligraphy. The Essence thus embodies the fusion of cultural elements with automotive-style aesthetics.

An elegant combination of simplicity and complexity

The Essence of the front view is dominated by the typical doppelbögigen for Infiniti grille, a forward whose jump Oblique suggests readiness. The center of the grille adorns an illuminated Infiniti emblem. Rounded corners conceal the front overhang and let the Essence appear shorter than his 4720 meter really is. In measuring the width of the two-seater in the 1960 meters and 1310 meters of altitude, while the wheelbase is 2800 meters.

Apart from the subtle to the grille of stainless steel frames, not the front end to a large extent on decorative elements or admissions - to fog. At the front, as well as the entire vehicle had all superfluous decoration which the elegance and power of the overall picture would interfere away. It is only logical that - instead of door handles - Body flush in the recessed push-buttons, and - instead of mirrors - Mini cameras to the A-pillars are present.

The exterior lighting includes some familiar elements from the Infiniti design arsenal. To push the characteristic L-shaped headlights - up by a series of LED lights completed - into the tapering arched fenders inside. The herumgezogenes as narrow band lamps designed tail lights intersect with the trunk opening and swing around the spoiler approach, with its stainless steel frame of the car seems to grow.

Meanwhile, the windscreen almost seamlessly into a glass roof over the rear of the trunk opening falls - and thus also from this perspective, the perfection of the design represents.

Drive: Pure strength coupled with reason

For the highest demands created will drive the Essence of the offer, what you expect from an Infiniti: pure driving pleasure. Not only that this expectation of the Essence in almost breathtaking manner, he does it with a futuristic, environmentally friendly hybrid drive, the impressive 600 hp makes. Such services offer maximum agility Reserves in every situation.

The combination of a petrol engine with an electric motor provides power, coupled with high efficiency and performance, in turn, coupled with exhaust freedom. Both engines can be driven separately or together as a parallel hybrid system to use to use. In urban areas, the emissions-free electric motor to transport mitzugleiten. On cross-country routes, the Essence its full performance potential and in the "Power Assist" mode to the full 600 hp of combined gasoline and electric sources.

Unlike most other hybrid drives, specify both the V6 petrol engine and the electric motor with 160 hp and 500 Nm of torque at its power solely from the rear and through the more linear, more agile force development in addition to driving. Supported by two Abgasturboladern, provides the proven 3.7-liter V6 engine in the Infiniti Essence 440 hp and goes through a new direct-injection with the fuel economy in order.

If the driving is not known, Infiniti estimates the average consumption of 8 liters per 100 kilometers, which corresponds to a CO2 emission of 190 g / km. In relation to the mighty power of 600 hp, this is an environmentally friendly driving sports cars for a real liability for the contact to make asphalt 22 inch wide rims.

Electric efficiency from a new 3D electric

Essence is the first time in the new 3D electric motor is used, the terms of its dimensions and performance is a technical masterpiece represents. The extremely narrow, plate engine produces twice the torque of a conventional generator. The design of the engine used 3D magnetic field analysis has allowed the optimal design of electromagnetic coils and permanent magnets.

The Essence of petrol engine and gearbox winding electric motor draws its energy from a compact lithium-ion battery in the trunk. Because the 3D engine for the energy output and recovery is designed, the battery is always charged.

For the optimal energy use under all imaginable driving conditions, two separate clutches, which require the engines depending Control. The potential for this system, loss of a torque converter also contributes to the agility and driving at.
Interior: driver-oriented luxury with atmosphere

The Essence interior is minimalist, ergonomically and only one purpose-oriented, the person on the steering wheel feel of absolute control to give. As a counterweight to there on the passenger side of comfort, tranquility and elegance atmosphere of hospitality, to the Japanese - and also by Essence - so much valued.

The asymmetric split the cabin into two parts maker. As the separator is a solid console, which is in a bold upward momentum with the center of the dashboard together. This produces two very different cocoons. Located on the driver's side is in black, and on the passenger side in a reddish Erdfarbton held.

The flattened bottom sport steering wheel and the circular instruments have the Essence as pure athletes, in which there is no unnecessary frills of concentration on the essential functionality. This is reflected also the design of technically-held displays, the short shifter with Alukappe and the bright red starter button.

Such integrated into the car, the driver found on the good supportive seats once the perfect riding position. This is just typical of Infiniti as the big switching paddles on the steering wheel and the analog in the middle of the dashboard. The instrumentation characterizes the meantime a "hidden tech" philosophy, which means that the functions are performing their work in the background and only come to the fore, if these needs. Unmolested by a bewildering variety of functions and information overload can be the driver and front passenger fully on the Fahrgeschehen and concentrate on driving.
The interior materials - leather, Alcantara and in the style of traditional Japanese lacquerware hand-painted wood - to create an opulent, inviting ambience. The attention to detail even goes so far that the leather stitching on the seat backrests, on the left and right side are executed differently. Why is that so? Because of the different ways reflected in the Japanese men and women tie their kimono.

Luggage: a highly individual solution for Louis Vuitton

In the search for the most suitable solution for baggage handling, access to the designers an idea from the early days of automotive back. The result is practical as well as noble. Thus it came to revive the historical relationship between a carmaker and one of the best known luxury brands: Louis Vuitton.

Vuitton 1908 visited one of the first luxury limousine company with a personal waiter luggage collection. This example was quickly school, so that tailor-made Vuitton suitcases, as the basic equipment of some of the most famous car models in the first half of the 20th Century belonged to.

The cooperation of Infiniti and Vuitton, this idea of a tailor-made for the trunk of the finest luggage factory again. The Essence developed the stable that three pieces of luggage: a large suitcase with two narrow briefcases matching top. All are from the new Damier Graphite-fabric manufactured with integrated handles and stylistically matched to the Essence.

Even high-tech is not too short with a button on the remote control can be electrically open the trunk, and the trunk floor silently returned. As a tribute to the tradition, carry the luggage even the initials of its owner - in this case the initials SN by Shiro Nakamura, design of the Senior Vice President of Infiniti.

Safety: An impact-free future

The Essence presents some security for the next generation. The heart is a "safety shield" to work with the Infiniti engineers their dream of a free car hits a big step closer to come. Two in the latest Infiniti models already offer systems - the distance control assistant (DCA) and Lane Assistant (LDP) - combine with two new systems: The side-impact-(SCP), and rear collision avoidance (BCP). This creates an all-around impact protection.

The side collision prevention (SCP) warns the driver in the lane before approaching vehicles and helps by selective braking of the wheels, to avoid a collision. According to warn rear impact prevention (BCP) to the driver when reversing maneuvers in front of a vehicle at the rear brakes and for failing to comply with the warning from the car itself.

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