Autocars: Fiat 500: Barbie Car Show for the famous doll in the world

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fiat 500: Barbie Car Show for the famous doll in the world

There are not many women who are on the 50th Birthday pink car can give. But Barbie, the most famous doll in the world and lasting forever young style icon that fits the show so conspicuously painted Fiat 500 Car of the perfect. With this eye-catcher retrieves Ken, Barbie also loose old companion, on this evening for the birthday party in Milan Fashion Temple "La Rinascente" ab.

There is the flash thunderstorm not only shifted with aluminum paint pigments, but also in the numerous crystals reflect, with which the car maker, the hubcaps, the antenna and the glass part of the Fiat 500 occupied exceptional. Bright are the culmination of crystals formed Barbie silhouettes on the linings in the amount of the B-pillars.

The glittering show Car of the Fiat 500 was produced in collaboration between the designers of the Centro Stile Fiat with Mattel, the "mother" of Barbie. In the course of her life Barbie already had a whole range of vehicles - including racy sports cars and huge motorhomes. "We want Barbie to mark the 50th Birthday gift a car that is exactly how even a beauty is born, "smiles Roberto Giolito, chief designer of the Fiat 500th

Barbie very special Fiat 500 is for the big show in Italy's fashion capital Milan bench. The body color "metallic pink" is also in the interior continues. To include dashboard and gear lever knob in this eye-catching color, the only Barbie can wear with dignity. The seats are soft, two-Alcantara-related, while the white roof, the white steering wheel and shifter, the white bag sharp contrasts. In fine silk, however, the filmmakers held the floor mats.

About the colors, the designers also realized in the Fiat 500 Car Show Barbie a range of accessories, the specific nature of the birthday child to express. For example, Barbie on a wide range of lipsticks back in the glove compartment are housed. You can then view them in a lighted with LEDs her makeup mirror control. The highlight of the birthday gift from Fiat to Barbie is a special Carcover, the historic Fiat 500 shows - of course, also in pink.

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