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Monday, March 16, 2009

Lagonda Concept: Sheer luxury off paved roads

Aston Martin Lagonda underscores the Concept at the Geneva Motor Show (05.03.2009 - 15.03.2009) its intention to keep the traditional brand "Lagonda" re. Under the label "Lagonda", the brand earned the then Aston Martin owner David Brown in 1947, would like Aston Martin cars with a different character in its own design language. Lagonda was already in 1906 by the American Wilbur Gunn founded in England. The Indian name "Lagonda" comes from a river near Gunns hometown of Springfield in the American Ohio.
With the most consistently sporting orientation Aston Martin can not satisfy all customer demands. To develop new markets, the British plan, under Lagonda with DNA elements of classical and new athletes also luxurious, versatile everyday cars to build. With Lagonda said Dr. Ulrich Bez, you could probably in over 100 countries represented. Aston Martin is currently in 32 countries of the world.

An Aston Martin calls it, sporty to be driven, a Lagonda calls a goal. Even in markets with non-optimal road conditions under which a sports car rected, there is a demand for luxurious and elegant high-performance vehicles. Lagonda therefore continues its focus primarily on Russia, the Middle East, South America, India and China. With sufficient demand, the new vehicles in Europe, North America and the Far East available. From the year 2012 could be the launch take place.

The new Lagonda concept is presented as a brawny, huge terrain athletes with all-wheel drive for non-paved roads, four convenient stressed individual seats and a spacious interior. The British lead with "ALC" the name for a new vehicle class, the "Advanced Luxury Car" to call it - a kind of over-SUV crossover.

For the tunneling of the study provides strong V12 engine from the Aston Martin DBS, where the 517 hp. Are also possible future flex engines, hybrid versions or low-emission diesel V8, the Mercedes-Benz come.

The Lagonda concept is truly big and powerful. To get the dimensions to be able to imagine: Since Aston Martin is not a technical platform in the program, the floor pan of the Mercedes-Benz GL is used to visually on an impressive natural features. The exterior of the Lagondas exudes power and exclusivity while out. Calm body surfaces, powerful elements, flowing lines and striking details, the study in the dynamic state.

Like the famous predecessor, the 1938 to 1940 built Lagonda LG6, which is also available with a V12 engine was, do you recognize a clear distinction between cabin, shoulders and flanks, while the upright front grille with the thick of the mighty to the grille cars between the two world wars recalls - but a modern interpretation.

Strong character lines run along the flanks and give the Lagonda Concept a stately appearance. To make contact with the ground 22 inch wide rims. Thanks to the ground clearance, can Lagonda off the paved roads wohlf├╝hlen. Nevertheless, it is somehow still a strange idea, with a "Aston Martin" through the mud to thunder.

Emphasize the dynamic appearance in addition a strongly sloping windshield, a sloping roof line, distinctive, tapered end headlights whose design also pick up the rear, and subtle side vents. The rear turn is curved and has a trunk.

The interior is pure luxury through and high-tech materials, such as a lot of leather, the feel-good factor on board on long-distance stress. On the pleasant feeling of space reflect the long wheelbase, the seating and riding comfort of the occupants benefit from it, as well as the width of the vehicle at. A bulky glass roof gives the interior a bright, finally lifts the ambience and feeling of space further out.

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